The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine®

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine®

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine®

One of the best products we have ever purchased is the original Chi Machine.

Here is some information regarding its efficacy —

As our bodies begin to age, we start realizing that there are many physical activities we were once able to do that we no longer can without feeling some pain. Many can no longer walk a couple of miles without their feet feeling pain and having to sit down at some point during the walk. Or, some may no longer be able to go up a flight of stairs without having to catch his/her breath. Ailments such as these might actually be symptoms of pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, and diabetes. Though there are therapies available in treating the many aches, pains, and poor circulation throughout our bodies, one of the most innovative therapies in treating such ailments comes from a oxygen therapy device called the Chi Machine.

The Chi Machine was first developed in Japan about 50 years ago by a doctor named Shizuo Inoue. He believed that the lack of oxygen throughout the body was the cause of many diseases that affect the human body. The Chi Machine offers oxygen therapy by having the user lie either on the floor or on a table and then place both ankles in the ankle cradle which is attached to the box-like machine. The machine oscillates about 140 times per minute when in use. Through the oxygenation process that takes place when the machine is being used, oxygen travels from the air and through the blood which then revitalizes the internal organs. Although there are many skeptics in the modern medical field who question how effective the machine is, users who have used it claim numerous benefits such as relief from muscle stiffness, chronic pain, improved blood circulation, a stronger immune system, and weight-loss.

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