Study Background

cPRIME – Study Background

The cPRIME Performance study was conducted at Joel Scherr Physical Therapy Centers and California Medical Arts in Los Angeles and San Diego, California under the control of three principal investigators with over 65 years of collective clinical experience.

Performance study was based on study protocol using textbook standardized methods used world wide to assess people’s strength, balance and flexibility.

The 100-subject study included participants aged 6 to 71 (average age 38) with 39 women and 61 men.
  • Strength. 
 In standard strength measurements, where the therapist pushes on the arm or leg and the participant resists, participants experienced improvements in strength that averaged over 20% and some improved by over 60%.
This graph illustrates the average increase in STRENGTH while wearing cPRIME technology.
  • Flexibility
.  Standard flexibility testing that measures flexibility of the leg in degrees of range of motion, participants gained as much as 15% improvements in the same test after wearing cPRIME Technology.
This graph illustrates the average increase in FLEXIBILITY while wearing cPRIME technology.
  • Balance.  
In a standard test where stability on a foam platform is timed, participants gained an average of over 18% when testing with their eyes open, with individuals with improvements of more than 2 fold. In the more challenging testing with eyes closed, wearing cPRIME produced an average improvement in balance of 55%, with some participants doubling and even tripling their scores.
This graph illustrates the average increase in BALANCE while wearing cPRIME technology.

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