Once in a great while a product comes along that provides a quantum leap in scientific advancement.  I would like to introduce you to the MagmaBullet™.

Hanson Window Cleaning utilize the MagmaBullet™, allowing us to “Deep-clean your windows”™ .  Since we market the MagmaBullet™, it is our understanding that we are the only company that are using these amazing water purification quantum physic devices in the state of North Carolina.

Our experience with the MagmaBullet™ during the past 17 years is that we are able to ‘Deep-clean’ window surfaces, the restructured water quality and solutions more effectively penetrating the pores of the glass, releasing stored soil and pollution.

The units are small, but powerful, weighing just 1/2 ounce.  Its cylindrical shape and content develop an energy field that extends 50″ from the sides and 35″ from the ends of the casing.  This is quantum physics technology.

The professional window cleaner needs the appropriate tools, cleaning solution, and technique.  One aspect that deserves proper attention, and, in the past, has been comparatively ignored, is water dynamics.  Window cleaners cannot provide the best possible service, if, in fact, the water that mixes with the cleaning solution is not pure.

Whether using municipal or well water, such ‘ordinary’ water hinders superior cleaning capability.  Here is where the use of the MagmaBullet™ is superior to the ‘ordinary’, untreated water most window cleaners use in their buckets.

Much research has been done with the MagmaBullet™.  The scientist that perfected the technology is an internationally known PhD and lecturer.  National Testing Labs have measured and documented increases in pH and reduction of contaminants using intrinsic Dana Field Analysis.  In addition, lower Oxidation-Reduction Potentials and increases in electrical conductivity have been quantified.

Measured vitality of the water moves from 97.0 (average) to well over 1000 in as little as 3 seconds!  Measured megahertz frequency increases dramatically, indicating an absence of contaminating energies.  (This technical data translates to our being able to provide superior service)

Filled with ionized earth mineral (from the Canadian Rocky Mountains) that emit enlivened and powerful electron activity, the MagmaBullet™ is the perfect way to energize the water, improving the electrical and molecular structure of the water used to better clean windows.

Testimonials of window cleaners —

  • Tim McCullen, owner of the largest franchised window cleaning company in the U.S. supplies the MagmaBullet™ to each new franchisee, to improve their window cleaning performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Tony Evans, owner of A New View Window Cleaning, Wellman, Iowa, writes:  “We recently started using the MagmaBullet™ in our window cleaning business.  I was, as many might be, skeptical.  After using it on a few sunny days and doing some of my own testing on the changes in the water, I have found this to be one of the best investments for my company.  Thank you, Greg Hanson, and MagmaBullet!”
  • Joe Lewis, owner of Bright Shine Window Cleaning, Corvallis, MT, reports:  “I have customers now who ask me if I am using the MagmaBullet in my cleaning solution before hiring my company.”

Contact us in the Asheville, NC area, for an estimate or to schedule.

We Deep-clean your windows™.  Your windows will shine!

 MagmaBullet™ and  Deep-Clean Your Windows™ are trademarks of Hanson Window Cleaning

Gregory Hanson   |   828-237-1952


2 replies

  1. Do the window cleaning Brothers know and use your product? ??


    • Dick. There is only one brother in the area that has a MagmaBullet.

      I gave him one to use in his window cleaning business.

      In the past I marketed them to window cleaners across the country, including the largest window cleaning franchise in the U.S. They ordered 100 for their new franchisees.


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